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Album Review: Enterprise Earth – Patient 0

Article by: Matt Guevara

Enterprise Earth is arguably one of the best new deathcore bands on the scene today. They just released their second full length album, Patient 0 under Attila frontman Chris Fronzak’s label Stay Sick Recordings. Patient 0 is undoubtedly one of the better deathcore albums to hit shelves this year and the album has already topped the iTunes metal charts, with good reason.

Enterprise earth is really pushing the limits of technical death metal with this album. Music of the deathcore genre can sometimes sound like a sludge of heavy bass and growls, but this is absolutely not the case with Patient 0. One thing I found with the album is that it uses some less common song structures, which I think gives it a great and very defined sound. If you’ve listened to their first album, you’ll probably notice that the screaming is also more pronounced in their new album as well which I think is a big improvement. Overall, Patient 0 is an incredibly solid album, packed with intense guitar, perfectly balanced drum beats, and chilling vocals that serious deathcore fans will love.


Track Listing:

  1. Shallow Breath
  2. Theophany
  3. Hollow Face
  4. Amid Vultures
  5. Porcelain Whore
  6. Kiss of the Recluse
  7. Sus Cibum
  8. Transorbital Awakening
  9. Patient Zero
  10. Amorphus
Matt Guevara
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