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Album Review: MONOGOLD’s “Good Heavens”

Article by: Sophia Zucker
Featured Img Cred: Caitlin Mcgarry


Indie-pop band Monogold, consisting of Keith Kelly, Jared Apuzzo, and Michael Falotico, released their LP, Good Heavens, on the 15th of September 2015. This Brooklyn-based band brought their talents to a whole new level, making an album that is very different to the music they’ve released in the past. Their last EP entitled This Bloom acted as a prelude to Good Heavens, and the album, along with their newly released Music Videos for “Pink Lemonade” and most recently, “Orchard Beach”, bring a chill, vintage vibe that you can listen to almost anywhere you go, whether it’s during a long road trip, or while you’re sitting on the couch working.

The album opens with the soft acoustics in “Mega Flora”, which flows incredibly with the main and backing vocals. The second song off the album, “Orchard Beach”, goes perfectly with its music video. The tranquility and peacefulness of the track fits in excellently with the style of the music video. The track following it, “Pink Lemonade” also fit with its hilarious music video. This track in particular had a more upbeat vibe, and it makes you want to dance along with the people in it. You could never get enough of Keith’s mesmerizing vocals, which are the most powerful in the record’s closing song, “Good Heavens”. It was an amazing way to close off the album, and it was easily the best song off the album.

Something unique about Monogold specifically is that they can keep where they came from as artists while being able to change aspects of their sound. Thank goodness they’re already tracking another full length record. If you haven’t heard of Monogold already, get onto iTunes right now and download this album, and if you’re near the east coast, catch them on stage with The Peach Kings very soon!



Upcoming Tour Dates:

2-2-16: Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory

2-3-16: Cambridge, MA – Atwoods Tavern

2-5-16: New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine


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Tracks to Listen to:

Pink Lemonade



Good Heavens Track Listing:

  1. Mega Flora
  2. Orchard Beach
  3. Pink Lemonade
  4. Segue
  5. Feathers
  6. Some Calling Song
  7. Holograms
  8. Good Heavens
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