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Album Review: Dune Rats – The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit

Article by: Megan Niger


We all wish for new and great things to come in the new year, but for my alt rock fans out there; 2017 has really pulled through for you. Australian stoner pop indie band, Dune Rats, are dropping their new album, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, on February 3rd. These boys sound like the perfect blend of blink-182 at their prime and FIDLAR, with their own flare.

Throughout the album, listeners can really get a sense of the carefree and wild personalities of the band members. “Scott Green” is one of the most obvious standout tracks on the album. The inspiration came from a day that the band went around asking people, “Who’s Scott Green?” The best answer they received came from a grocery store employee who said, “Dude, I survived cancer, I get it delivered to my house, do you wanna come to my house and smoke a bowl and we’ll get you delivered weed?!” The other single, “Bullshit”, is your classic example of an angsty anthem for those days that you just want to put in your headphones and block out the noise of the world around you.

In it’s entirety, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is the perfect album to turn on at full volume while forgetting about everything else going on in your life and just living in the moment. Dune Rats have definitely set the pace for the alt rock music scene this year.

Megan Niger
Megan is currently studying photography at the University of Connecticut. When she isn’t binge watching Netflix shows or crying over The 1975, she spends her free time with her friends, family and dogs. She hopes to pursue a career in fine art, music and portrait photography.

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