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Review: Alistair Forsyth – Stan Vargen

Article by: Sydney Rush


Scotland native turned Austin transplant Alistair Forsyth released his first EP, Stan Vargen, just shy of the New Year on December 29th, 2016.

While it’s a short list of songs, the EP packs a punch. Alistair recorded each part of each song entirely on his own from the walls of his in home studio. With only three tracks, one being an instrumental piece, Alistair shows off his ability to play more than one genre and play them well along with an incredible vocal range.

The first song on the EP is called “Super Stylized,” and it is just that. The song has a gritty rock feel which is full of short yet emotionally filled phrases. The song also shows off not only his vocal range and abilities but also his skills on the drums and guitar. In the middle of the song we hear a very impressive guitar solo which is sure to get any listener impressed.

Moving onto the next song, “(I Think) we’ll be Fine,” we get a sense of Alistair’s more technical side with the use of electronic drums and some layering on the vocals to solidify the electronic, synth feel of the song. Along with getting a grasp on his ability to produce a more modern tune, we also see his ability to slow things down and mellow out in comparison to the first track.

The final song on the EP is titled “Amanda’s Song (The First Day of Spring),” which is the instrumental track previously mentioned. This lofty, beautiful tune is solely piano and carries a classical feel to put any listener into a relaxed trance.  As the last track of the EP it is the perfect piece to calm the listener from the intensity of the previous tracks.

The EP as a whole is an impressive selection packed with diversity and well thought out lyrics. Hopefully in the near future we will hear more from Alistair Forsyth on a full length album. The Austin artist is currently looking to book gigs around the Austin area. You can find and purchase Stan Vargen HERE.

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