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Pepper & Less Than Jake // Live @ The Fillmore // 2.19.17


Article and Photos by: Bob Linneman


Philadelphia, PA — Less Than Jake and Pepper know how to throw a party!  The entire show was high energy music, with confetti, streamers, balloons, costumes, and even a dance party with a bunch of lucky kids.  The evenings started with two opening acts The Attack and The Bunny Gang.

 The Attack

The Attack, in support of their new record On Condition, took the stage early, but took very little time to pump up the crowd.  The punk band from Orlando, Florida led a full charge by Charlie Bender especially on their new single “These Nights.”

The Bunny Gang

The Bunny Gang from Denver, Colorado hit the stage bring a Ska feel to the night covering their new singles “Problem What Problem,” and “Protecting.”  Brad Stroz was especially good providing many different melodies and ripping through solos.


The mood was perfect for Pepper to now take the stage and keep the party going.  Led by duel front men Kaleo Wassman  –  Vocals/Guitar, and Bret Bollinger  –  Vocals/Bass, with Yesod Willams on Drums providing steady rhythms which kept the crowd’s heads bobbing and feet tapping.   Pepper claimed they weren’t touring anymore, but instead would be taking vacations, because performing live is a vacation to them.  In support of their new  album Ohana, Pepper covered many different subject matters, all with a feel good vibe, even ending a song with a tribute to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.  The set concluded with confetti cannons covering the crowd.

Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake went right into high energy opening their set with “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads.”   A band that truly cares about their fans’ experience did not disappoint.  Early in the set lead singer Chris DeMakes noticed a young fan on a dad’s shoulders.  Chris said it was so cool, because his parents never brought him to a concert at that age.  The band immediately asked that all the kids come up and join them, and for one song they left an impression on a handful of kids which will last a lifetime. 

Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake filled the evening with all the favorites including; “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” and “PS Shock the World” while including new singles like “Bomb Drop,” and “Things Change” off the band’s new album Sound The Alarm.  The tour sponsored by St. Pauli continues heading towards the Southeastern States and then goes international hitting Japan, Great Britain, and Mexico to end out the year.


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