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STRFKR // Live @ The Granada // 2.20.17

Article and Photos by: Melanie Allen


Dallas, TX–By the time doors opened at The Granada in Dallas, the line for STRFKR was wrapped around the building. As this was the tour’s only stop in Texas, many fans came from all over the state to see the sold out show.

Psychic Twin, a duo from Brooklyn, took the stage at 8pm sharp. Erin Fein and Rosana Caban wore matching costumes and hairdos, and almost looked like they had come out of the Fifth Element. Their surreal, outer-space style harmonized with their spellbound music. Vocalist Erin Fein repeatedly thanked the crowd for their applause and support as the crowd reacted more than enthusiastically in response to each and every psychedelic electro-pop track that the group played. This is the second time that STRFKR has taken Psychic Twin on tour, showing their confidence and support for this talented and growing musical act.

STRFKR’s performance is widely known as iconic, unique, and unbelievably fun. Their performances include 1.5+ hour sets, dancing astronauts, confetti and streamers, and giant inflatable rafts (with passengers in them), among many other things. The group just released an album, Being No One, Going Nowhere, near the end of last year after having not released anything since 2013, which made for an even more exciting show.

While listening to STRFKR records, one may not suspect that their live shows would be as upbeat and energetic as they are. Frontman Josh Hodges waltzed onto the stage in a costume of sorts, which isn’t out of the ordinary. You really don’t know what to expect, but at the same time you do once astronauts start tossing out inflatable aliens and the audience even starts bouncing to more relatively calm and cool tracks, such as “German Love” and “Beach Monster.” STRFKR isn’t a particularly talkative bunch, but an exception was made when audience members began crowd surfing “improperly,” and Hodges was sure to correct their form. It’s really hard not to get STRFKR stuck in your head, especially blasting-in-the-car worthy songs like “Bury Us Alive” and “Leave It All Behind.” If you aren’t convinced, see them live ASAP!


Melanie Allen
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