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Real Friends // Live @ Baltimore Soundstage // 5.30.17

Article and photos by: Tiyhanna Queen


Baltimore, MD — It may have been a gray and nasty day, but that didn’t stop fans from enjoying a night out at the Baltimore Soundstage — one of the city’s hottest venues. A no barricade show equals all types of fun and chaos, from stage divers, crowd surfers and even the subtle headbangers, all of which could be found at tonight’s show. With a diverse group of musicians there’s a little fun for everyone to enjoy.

The crowd seemed unfamiliar with openers nothing, nowhere, but it didn’t take long for them to become captivated by the group’s music, drawn in closer toward the stage. The next band, Broadside — which Baltimore locals were more familiar with, quickly rose the energy in the room. Once they hit the stage, crowd surfing and stage diving ensued. Next up came Tiny Moving Parts. They brought the crowd to life, their hyperactive energy and killer shredding kept everyone moving.

Fans anxiously awaited Baltimore natives, Have Mercy. Home for a night, they received the welcoming any band would be lucky to have. Finally, Real Friends made their grand entrance with their homestyle backdrop, reminiscent of their album covers. Baltimore fans roared with excitement as the band opened with “Empty Picture Frames” off their newest album The Home Inside My Head.  Real Friends’ entire set brought a feeling of closeness and warmth to the packed crowd, making all present feel like family.


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