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Sorority Noise // Live @ The Rock and Roll Hotel // 6.13.17

Article and Photos by: Tiyhanna Queen


Washington, D.C. — Alt-rockers hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, Sorority Noise, are bringing emo and punk rock vibes to our nation’s capital with their first U.S tour of 2017. Fans lined up for hours at The Rock and Roll Hotel for tonight’s SOLD OUT show, some even pleaded with security to be let in. Tonight’s show was a show you did not want to miss out on and if you did you missed out big time. The first act of the night was Shannen Moser. Breaking the ice with her acoustic songs, subtle and short yet captivating, gained her a great amount of new fans. The best way to describe her music would be sad but in a happier tone.

Second up were The Obsessives — D.C natives. The Obsessives put on quite a unique show; they had a different vocalist for  each song. You could feel happiness radiating from this band, you couldn’t catch one member not smiling as their hometown shouted their lyrics back to them. The best part about their set was that practically no one had their phone out, everyone simply enjoyed their performance and lived in the moment. Third were Forth Wanderers — a female fronted band from New Jersey. They were very much similar to The Obsessives but mellower. The bass in this band is phenomenal, you could feel the gritty bass tones in your chest in all the songs that are played during their set.

Finally came Sorority Noise — our headliner of the night. Two of their members had already appeared earlier for The Obsessives but nonetheless, fans were very excited once they headed on stage. Sorority noise has a mixture of emo, punk and alternative elements, some songs could make you sad and others would make you want to stage dive, mosh and shout. Their guitarist Adam Ackerman has some of the most personality ever seen on stage even on their slower and sadder songs. You could feel the emotion and passion he puts into playing his instruments and honestly its the most interesting thing to pay attention to.

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