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The Pollies // Live @ 116 E. Mobile // 6.22.17

Article and Photos by: Andrea Belk


Florence, AL – Home sweet home. What better way to kick off a tour then where you started, and that’s exactly what The Pollies did in their home town of Florence, Alabama on Thursday night. The band took to the stage, greeted by a crowd of familiar friends and positive vibes. The moment the music began, couples broke out into dance. The venue was transformed into a place where friends and strangers came together in their love for the local band. Their music and energy seemed to bring everyone so close that they all felt like family.

After a few songs, lead singer (Jay Burgess) switched over to his twelve string guitar and began tuning it onstage. The bassist (Spencer Duncan) and piano player (Clint Chandler) found this a great opportunity to mess around and play a silly tune. Laughter filled the stage and they began to playful pick at one another just like brothers would. The show came to an end, but was met by a disappointed exclamation from the crowd, “Jay! You didn’t even play my favorite!” Jay responded asking what it was, quickly followed by him bringing everyone back onstage to please not only the girl from the crowd, but everyone in the room. That last song was so upbeat, it sent most everyone in the room into a dancing frenzy.

The Pollies tour is just getting started and will be traveling to the UK beginning in September, so visit to see where to find them next.

Andrea Belk
Andrea Belk is a 22 year old photographer from Florence Alabama. She is currently a photojournalist at the University of North Alabama's Flor'Ala. Also has experience with film, musical performance, culinary design, and interior design.

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