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TWRP (Tupper Ware Remix Party) // 5.28.17

Article and Photos by: Andrea Belk


Nashville, TN — What if I told you there was a band from the ’80s, but… also from the future? Would you believe me if I also told you they were a time traveling, space exploring, phenomena flying across the universe bringing sweet electro/funk to your ears? Well, believe it, because TWRP (Tupper Ware Remix Party) is all of those things and best of all? They are from Toronto, Canada.

It’s hard to not be an amazing group when you have a crew as interesting as TWRP. First of all we have Doctor Sung on vocals. He is a butt-kicking karate master that can serenade even the evilest of opponents. It is unclear to if he actually has his doctorate, so that will have to be determined at a later date. Then over on bass we have Commander Meouch. Don’t let that ferocious cat exterior fool you, because he is all about dedicating everything to the ladies, as he does such with every song played in the night. You’ll find Lord Phobos on guitar. This rocketeer can shred so hard it’ll rock your face off. Last but not least we have Havve Hogan. He may be quiet, but this robot was programed to kill… kill the beat on the drums, that is!

The night was full of songs ranging from body positivity to singing about dancing with no pants on. These guys are sure to not only have you jamming out, but also laughing through the night with their quick wit and clever on-stage banter. They are currently touring across the US, so be sure to catch them before they take flight back to that galaxy far far away, otherwise known as Canada.

Andrea Belk
Andrea Belk is a 22 year old photographer from Florence Alabama. She is currently a photojournalist at the University of North Alabama's Flor'Ala. Also has experience with film, musical performance, culinary design, and interior design.

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