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Deep Roots Mountain Revival // 7.20-22.17

Article and Photos By : Sam Carbine


This in so many ways was the perfect festival for us. A bit of a drive from Nashville but it’s all about the journey, right? Held in Masontown, WV, the line up was absolutely stellar. Brandi Carlisle, JJ Grey and Mofro, Moon Taxi, Conner Oberst, Auqeous, and I could go on. The views from the campsite and and the festival grounds at the top of Marvin’s Mountain are absolutely stunning. But that was not to me what makes Deep Roots Mountain Revival special. It was the atmosphere that allowed for everyone to come together. The unique and fading concept of so many festivals after seeing the sentence of commercialization.

Deep Roots Mountain Revival is what a music festival should and was meant to be. Amazing talent, ridiculous scenery, and the family you didn’t know existed. It was also great to have a kids zone where they could make hula hoops, masks, and tie-dye to name a few. Coupled with a massive water slide to cool them down if the sun was a little much.

We cant wait for 2018!

Sam Carbine
Sam Carbine is a Nashville based music and commercial Photographer. A self diagnosed live music addict, he enjoys spending his down time with his 2 wonderful children, learning new things, and doing pretty much anything that allows him to appease his introverted status.

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