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Celebrating 30 Years of The Simpsons

Article and Artwork by: Drew Burstein


It seems like The Simpsons have been around forever and for people of a certain age group that is actually true! This infographic from Frame Your TV gives you some insight into the show and presents some interesting facts to which you may not have been privy. Did you know that Krusty the Clown was originally supposed as Homer?

It’s interesting to see the top 10 episodes, according to IMDB – we know everyone has their favourites! All the episodes on the list are from a period where The Simpsons was at their creative peak and you may be familiar with the perceived decline in quality over the years. Many of the quotes from the Simpsons are still used in everyday life and the impact they have made on society holds to this day.

The great thing about The Simpsons is that the show always had its heart in the right place and in between all the laughs we were learning lessons about life and being decent to other people. Find out more in the infographic below.


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