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London Film and Comic Con // Olympia London, UK // 07.28.2017

Article and Photos by: Will Morgan

This past weekend, Hundreds and Thousands of movie and comic lovers descended on the London Film and Comic Con. So what is the Film and Comic Con I hear you ask? Well, its an annual event that takes place at Londons Olympia conference centre in the UK. Its a great place for people to meet the actors/ characters from their favourite movies, TV programs and comics. On Friday 28th July, I attended my very first Film and Comic Con and as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the original BatMobile which was driven by the late Adam West who was scheduled to attend the event this year one last time to say goodbye to his UK and European fans, but sadly passed away before he had the chance so it was a nice little tribute to see for him as we walked in.

As well as the BatMobile, the main hall was packed full of stalls which were selling anything from toys/ movie memorabilia, to pieces of art work by comic artists and writers.As well as stalls, people attending the event had the opportunity to meet actors from their favourite tv shows and films from lots of different genres, whether it be Horror related or Sci-Fi there was plenty of guests to choose from. For me it was all about the “Back To The Future” and “Star Wars” actors, both films were a huge part of my childhood and I still love them just as much to this day so having the chance to meet Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown, Back To The Future) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca, Star Wars) was a must for me. My first activity of the day was a photo shoot with Christopher Lloyd, he’s without a doubt one of my favourite actors, for not only his role in “Back To The Future“, but also as Uncle Fester in “The Addams Family“. Although it was just a brief meeting due to him being so busy and popular, he was still very welcoming and happy to meet his fans with a great big smile on his face which I thought was fantastic. Next, was a signing with Peter Mathew but due to him also being so popular we had to wait a few hours before we could queue up to meet him so we decided to have a wander around the stalls and see what else the event had to offer.

Dotted around the venue were various props such as the Tardis Control Panel from “Doctor Who“, “The Big Bang Theory” set, the Delorean from “Back To The Future” and the Flying Car from “Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets“. like the photo shoots with the actors, these too were all added costs to the entry price but they were all within a reasonable price range. As well as the props, I also got to have a look at some of the fantastic art work that had been done by various artists from around the world, whether they were comic artists or there to just promote their business, all of them were incredibly talented people. There was one in particular that I came across, Chris Baker, a 21 year old pencil artist that has Autism. His work is incredibly detailed to the point where you couldn’t tell whether they were photographs or drawings. Chris’s work can be found over on his website, where you can find links to his social media accounts, as well as a store for commissions and pre drawn work.

After wandering around the stalls, I discovered that John Rhys-Davies was doing a signing session. John is best known for his roles as Gimli the Dwarf  from “The Lord of The Rings” and Sallah form “Indiana Jones, Raiders of The Lost Ark“. John was such a lovely man to talk to, he was very happy to have a conversation with people, ask how they were doing and after spotting my camera we had a talk about photography and art, I even got told I’d make a great dwarf because of my hair and beard which I found quite funny. Whilst walking around, even if you haven’t bought a signing or photo pass you can still catch a glimpse of the celebrities that are attending the event which is awesome! just by walking around I was able to see Mads Mikkelsen (Hanibal, Star Wars: Rogue One, Doctor Strange), Jimmy Vee (Star Wars, Doctor Who) David Prowse (Star Wars), Tom Wilson ( Back To The Future) and many many more, and if you’re lucky enough and catch them with no queue they’ll let you have a chat with them for free!

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, the queues had died down I was allowed to do my signing with Peter Mayhew along with the old Star Wars figures I’d bought along for him to sign. The only way I can describe Peter is like a big friendly giant. He’s a very animated character which again I thought was amazing, but as it was getting towards the end of the day he was inevitably tired so he was a bit quiet which I completely understood, however it was still a fantastic experience getting to meet him in person.

To anybody that is thinking of attending  or even if you’ve never heard of the London Film and Comic Con, I highly recommend going! its packed with such amazing artists, guests and the overall atmosphere of the event is just incredible. Theres always something going on whether it be signings, photo sessions, guest talks or cosplay shows, so you’re never left with nothing to do. It’s such a fun day out and there were plenty of things to do for kids which makes it a great day out for the whole family too. I will definitely be going back next year.


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