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Taking Back Sunday // Live @ Bogarts // 8.14.17

Article and photos by: Linda Carlson


CINCINNATI, OH – A concert that starts with streams of billowing confetti blown into the audience from stage left and stage right means there’s a party ahead.  And that’s exactly how Long Island’s Taking Back Sunday took the stage at Cincinnati’s Bogarts on August 14, 2017.  The show was sold out, a testament to the band’s loyal following that dates back to its genesis in 1999.

The crowd was thoroughly ready to greet the headliners thanks in no small part to openers All Get Out and Every Time I Die.  All Get Out began strong and continued its rise in energy both in their music and in their stage presence.  What started as “contained” grew more intense, with lead singer Nathan Hussey at times standing on (and jumping from) the drum kit.

Every Time I Die, in stark contrast to the upcoming headliner, brought sheer rawness to the stage.  This metalcore band with southern rock influences featured growling vocals and incessant pacing from lead singer Keith Buckley. The crowd’s metal rumblings certainly surfaced.  The security staff was kept busy as seemingly endless crowd-surfers were carried into the small pit area in front of the stage.

Taking Back Sunday played a full set, complete with a two-song encore.  There was plenty of material to please the fans, as the band has released seven albums, the latest of which (Tidal Wave) was released last year.  In contrast to the openers, Taking Back Sunday took breaks from performing to talk to the crowd and share anecdotes and stories, including how lead singer Adam Lazzara went from performing in the reflection of his childhood refrigerator to performing live to the audience that night.  This made the relationship between the band and the audience more intimate, and revealed some of the band’s light side.

There are plenty of remaining dates in the tour.  Check the band’s tour schedule at

Linda Carlson
Linda has been photographing people since she was ten. Forever intrigued by the complex beauty of the human form, she brings the eye of a portraitist to the unpredictability and spectacle of the concert scene.

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