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Satsang // Live @ Reggie’s Music Club // 11.17.17

Article and Photos by: Charles Yamabe


Chicago, IL — On the south side of Chicago lies a grungy (in the best possible way) little rock club called Reggie’s. A true rock club in every sense of the word (think CBGB), stickers cover just about every inch of the club and it smells of stale beer.

Satsang is touring in support of their new album Pyramids. The album takes a hard left in comparison to the 2016 release of The Story of you. Where that album focused mainly on a reggae-esque style, Pyramids is much more of a mix of jam band/laid back blues combined with an essence of hip-hop and sprinkled with a mix of reggae. Both albums standalone well on their own but play together extremely well together. This is what makes seeing Satsang live so amazing. They flow perfectly from album to album while also mixing in bits and pieces of current hip-hop artists. It’s such an outstanding ebb and flow that you really don’t realize that you’re hearing a popular hip-hop song until its few interwoven lyrics are almost over. It’s that poetic craftsmanship that leaves the crowd in awe when the set is over.

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Charles Yamabe
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