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Bully // Live @ Terminal West // 12.13.17

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Atlanta, GA.- From Nashville with love! Southern punk-grunge rockers Bully landed in Atlanta’s Terminal West on a mission to blow some minds and kick some ass. In a word, accomplished. “Atlanta! It’s been too long” exclaims lead songstress Alicia Bognanno, to rousing cheers from attendees. From henceforth, the atmosphere only enlivened and Bully went on to conquer the night.

Alice Bognanno of Bully

Since releasing their acclaimed sophomore effort Losing in October of 2017, Bully’s fame has sky-rocketed, placing them to play for larger crowds and onto larger stages. With the venue walls packed side to side and front to back, the Tennessean quartet rifled off 18 anthems full of enough raw energy to warm the frenzied fan-base on this chilly evening.

Once in the spotlight, Bully presents a humble and chilled overall persona, devoid of rock-star idiosyncrasies and short on the performer/crowd interactions. However, there’s a strange connection made, perhaps it’s Bognanno’s unassuming shredding on her baby green guitar, maybe it’s her flash in the pan hair-whipping, surely her towering vocals and deep thought-out lyrics play a vital role. Jointly, members Reece, Clayton, and Stewart play their parts handsomely and work tirelessly alongside Bognanno to make hit singles like “Trying,” “Running,” and “Kills to be Resistant” sound all the more impressive in a live setting. In short, Bully represented the Nashville rock-scene reputation in a grand way.

Reese Lazarus of Bully

By night’s end, for a tad over an hour, Bully slayed, and Bully ruled. Succinctly, Bully is a heckuva rock band worthy of your undivided attention. For more on the band’s ongoing tour, be sure to hit up their site for upcoming dates.

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