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Tribe Royal // Live @ Babylon // 2.10.18

Photos and Article by: Adrienne Row – Smith


Ottawa, Ontario – Tribe Royal celebrated their first show in Ottawa since August with an epic one at Babylon. The band was supported by their fellow rocker friends, Lux.

Lux had a large and eager crowd waiting for them to start, and when they finally took to the stage, they were greeted with loud cheers. The band played a set featuring excellent covers, such the engaging “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads.  But the band also treated fans to originals, like the poignant “Wildflower,” which showcased their fantastic harmonization skills. Lux knew when to bring the atmosphere in the venue down for their slow songs, but also knew when to kick the set into high gear to pick the energy back up. All of this made them a band to keep your eyes on.

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Tribe Royal treated fans to a set that did not stop for a single moment. The band balanced out their set with dance inducing pieces like “My Kind of Girl,” and “Oh Dear.” Members of the band were all about getting the crowd involved, either through soulful group sing – along or getting the crowd clapping with them. They also treated fans to a selection of new songs and announced that these songs would be included on their new album. All these factors made for a memorable show, and prominently displayed not only their talent, but the love that the members had for what they do.

Be sure to check out Tribe Royal and Lux, because their new material is something to keep your eyes out for!


Adrienne Row-Smith
Adrienne is a photographer based in Ottawa, Canada and has been photographing local bands since she was in high school. Her passion to support her local scene, as well as the bands that come through Ottawa, is matched only by her devotion to philosophy and satirical writing. Instagram: AdrienneRSPhoto Twitter: AdrienneRSPhoto

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