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Festival Preview: 2018 Vans Warped Tour

Article by Andrés Alvarado


Bittersweet is the word of the day. To the national fanbase today should be a thoroughly joyous occasion as the Vans Warped Tour makes its announcement for the yearly line-up of the famed music-festival. However, with the previous briefing that this year’s VWT would be the final cross-country version, that bitterness kicks in and takes away from what should be an exhilarating sweet occasion. Nonetheless, the fine folks organizing the party considered the need to leave on the highest of high notes, and well, behold ladies & gents, your 2018 Vans Warped Tour line-up. One last hurrah, grand style.

Frank Turner

Led by titans of industry like Frank Turner, Sum 41, Falling in Reverse, and Taking Back Sunday, plus eye-opening acts like Mayday Parade, The Maine, Underoath, Motionless in White, and The Used, this year’s gathering is well suited for head-banging and mosh-pits galore, and not to sound too cheesy, but the festival’s conclusion will surely produce countless fond memories as well. So, fans of the Vans Warped Tour, young in age and young at heart, it’s time to raise your sodas and beers, get pumped despite the looming finale, and get your ass to the VWT site to buy yourself a ticket to what promises to be some good ol’ rock-n-roll extravaganza, one last time. Let’s all properly bid the Vans Warped Tour sayonara. Cheers!

Sum 41
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