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Morgxn’s New Video Out Now, New Album on the Way

Article by: Charles Yamabe


5.6.18 — Morgxn, the outspoken singer/activist who is best known for his single “Love You with the Lights On” is in the process of releasing his first album. The singer, who was born in Tennessee, manages to take all of his angst as a youth and combine it with his life lessons to create soulful melodic synth pop. Growing up, Morgxn was always told that he needed to be more masculine; having had a more feminine sound while not matching the norms of males his age obviously came with challenges. It’s those same challenges that have completely defined his sound and mission. Morgxn told Billboard in 2016, “I find it really hard to talk about beauty because my whole life has been people telling me what they think is beautiful on me,” Morgxn said in a statement. “The problem is that from an early age it was difficult to decipher beauty from danger.”

In his new album, he confronts many of the issues that people had with him and with conformity in general. He believes in body positivity and being true to one’s self. You can check out his just released new video, “Carry the Weight” from his debut album Vital which will be released May 18th.

Late last year Morgxn released the video for his track “Home,” which currently has over 7 million streams and has been heard on HBO, ABC, Showtime as well as numerous commercials. The new album also features a (Cure approved) cover of “Boy’s don’t Cry.”

Morgxn will be paying his new songs this summer at multiple festivals including Lollapalooza, Firefly, etc.

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