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Thirty Seconds to Mars // Live @ Coral Sky Amphitheatre // 6.29.18

Article and Photos by: Michael Flores


West Palm Beach, FL – In a rain or shine event, fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Walk the Moon,
Misterwives, and Joywave drove through the pouring rain in hopes that it would clear up. Everyone’s
hopes came to a reality when the weather cleared up perfectly before the opening of the show.

The evening kicked off with Joywave, an American indie rock band with an eccentric look and a unique
sound. They originate from Rochester, New York, where they have an established and dedicated fan
base. In the past, they have opened shows for many big names, such as The Killers, and they have also
toured the world. Their unique sound has caught the attention of many new fans here in South Florida,
already adding to their growing fan base, and also making them a great opening band for the night’s
headliner, Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Up next after Joywave was MisterWives, an American indie pop band based in NYC. Their performance, led by vocalist Mandy Lee, was nothing short of vibrant. The stage was full of vivid colors, from their lighting designs to their stylized wardrobe, and it was easy to conclude that this was an important theme for the band. Their music produced sound waves of happiness and positive energy, filling fans and first-time listeners with euphoria. This infections energy got people up and dancing, making MisterWives a great opening act to keep the crowd’s tempo high.

Walking onto the set to “The Circle of Life,” a Lion King theme song, were Walk the Moon. They came
out of the gates with great energy, performing one of their greatest hits, called “One foot.” Fans were
cheering non-stop for the American Rock band, which are from Cincinnati, Ohio. Lead vocalist Nicholas
Petricca was a great performer, keeping their fans engaged, cheering, and dancing.

When it was time for the headliner, Thirty Seconds to Mars, to take the stage, an eerie sense of suspense flooded the amphitheater. The lights were turned off, the anxious energy getting stronger by the second, and for what seemed like an eternity, all you could hear were sounds pounding from the speakers. Suddenly, a giant LED panel display that had been lowered to cover the entire stage was now being lifted, only to reveal the two members of this American Rock band (the band consist of two brothers, Jared and Shanon Leto.) Jared is not only a talented singer and songwriter for Thirty Seconds to Mars, but he is also an award winning actor and director, known for his unforgettable and dedicated performances in films such as Suicide Squad, Dallas Buyers Club, and Fight Club.

Thirty Seconds to Mars definitely know how to put on a spectacular performance. From the moment they took the stage, they took over. Fans cheered them on, screaming and singing along to all of their songs. At one point, they filled the stage with giant silver balloons that they kicked in the air towards their fans, to keep them engaged. During the performance of “Dangerous Night,” they would seldom encourage their fans to jump in unison while they performed. Jared would constantly interact with their fans, keeping them entertained, excited, and crazed. At one point, they invited a fan named Brian up to the stage. Brian had been named the winner of a contest held by the band, and he had the chance to join them by playing guitar for their song titled “This is War.” The  interactions continued throughout the night, the band invited fans on stage to dance with them during the performance for “Rescue Me.” All in all, it was easy to tell that the concertgoers had a great experience. This was a great show.

Thirty Seconds to Mars will continue their Monolith Tour along the US until mid-August. They will end their tour overseas in Europe about a month later. If this show is was any indication of what to expect along the tour, I would definitely recommend for anyone to check them out at a city near you.

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