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Hyro The Hero//Live at Fremont Country Club//2.1.19

Article and Photos by Abigail Buckler


Las Vegas, NV – The Kilpop music event is a big deal in Las Vegas showcasing local musicians in the rock and hard rock genres.  For that reason it is well attended and tonight’s after party is no exception.  With multiple bands playing between the two connected venues there is a lot to choose from.  National artist Hyro The Hero is playing at the Fremont Country Club.  Many of the crowd are not familiar with this band, but others, specifically those who have satellite radio and listen to Octane have heard one of their songs a lot lately.  Both these groups file into the room to see what this is all about.

They take the stage and explode with energy and intensity.  Everyone is leaping and jumping and Hyro himself is all over the stage including climbing up the speakers.  The interaction between them is intense and chaotic and it adds to the feel of the music.  The sound is reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine with a fast rap heavy vocal and aggressive music.  It is a Hiphop Metal mashup that really gets the crowd going.  This is different then all the other bands they have seen to date so this performance is sure to stand out to them.

They are out in support of their 2018 album Flagged Channel and this performance is sure to have some people checking them out.  This is not a sound that everyone loves but the intensity of songs like “Bullet” are hard to ignore and not get behind.  Add to that an energetic stage show and this is a performance that can’t be beat.

Abigail Buckler
My primary focus is music and travel photography. What I like about both is that it's all about capturing a moment -- whether a guitar solo on stage or a performance artist on the street, those moments can tell a great story.

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