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Buckcherry // Live @ Culture Room // 4.17.19

Article and Photos by: Michael Flores


Fort Lauderdale, FL – On what began as a quiet Wednesday evening in Fort Lauderdale, fans lined up outside of the city’s premiere live music venue, Revolution Live, eagerly waiting for doors to open. It was an intimate choice of venue for the headliner, Buckcherry, and the line was wrapping around the building.

The evening kicked off with a Southern California rock band, Joyous Wolf, debuting songs from their newly released album Place In Time. When I say, “kicked,” I literally mean kicked. The lead vocalist, Nick Reese, was a crazy energetic performer, kicking and jumping around the stage. Nick was able to get the crowd pumped with his energy on stage by transforming into a very flexible performer. Nick wasn’t the only one in the spotlight. All the band members got multiple solos through their set and audiences were loving it.

The crowd really went wild when they played a cover of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” with their own unique style. Despite the venue being at max capacity in what seemed to be sold out show, Nick was able to part the sea of people to make room to jump off the stage and do some of his acrobatic moves on the ground floor. Despite it being my first time seeing Joyous Wolf live, it was definitely a memorable show to watch. After a short intermission, the band crew packed up their equipment, and Buckcherry rocked the stage. The crowd was pumped.

Buckcherry is supporting their newly released album Warpaint, which is a combination of new music and their fan favorites. The venue was so packed that people could barely move around; the crowd, an older generation of excited and dedicated fans. Worth pointing out, it is not a Buckcherry show unless the lead singer, Josh Todd, performs shirtless. He is the last original band member of the group on stage.

Buckcherry is heavily promoting this album as their Warpaint tour extends through September. Checkout their tour dates here: .


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