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Best Online Poker Games

What are the best online poker games for beginners?

I love the idea of playing poker, but I wouldn’t know where to start. If that sounds like a familiar sentiment, you are not alone. The drama of a thousand Hollywood movie scenes and the big money at stake in the World Series of Poker certainly give the game a sense of mystique. But they can also make it appear more than a little frightening to the beginner.

Little wonder, then, that whether it is online or on the strip in Las Vegas, the people playing poker are vastly outnumbered by those who choose blackjack or roulette. That’s a shame, because once you get to know it, poker offers far more variety and opportunity for strategic play. It is also the one game in which the old axiom of “the house always wins” does not necessarily hold true.

The internet offers a huge range of ways to get into poker. But while guides and online tutorials certainly have their place, there is no better way of learning a game than by playing it. Here are three of the best online poker games for beginners.


Video poker

Newcomers to the casino tend to gravitate towards the slots. If you are still finding it a challenge to head for the gaming tables, video poker provides the perfect transition. It’s just you and the machine, so you can make all the blunders you like without making a fool of yourself.

There’s a choice of different games available – Jacks or Better is ideal for getting started, as there are no complications such as jokers or wilds to think about. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that video poker is just for practising, however. Advance to a game like Jackpot Poker, which you can find in this list of progressive jackpot games, and you stand as good a chance as anyone of pocketing some serious money if you are dealt a Royal Flush.


Full ring micro stakes

After a few days of playing video poker, the different types of winning hand will be natural to you, and you will have a good feel for which cards to hold or discard. The next step is to start playing competitively against some other humans.

“Micro stakes” is self explanatory – you might be playing for just one or two cents per hand, which is ideal for a beginner. “Full ring” means a full table of nine players. You might think it “safer” to start on a smaller table, but in fact, the opposite is the case. With nine players, you can follow a set strategy, while if there are six of fewer, you will find yourself facing increasingly complex decisions.


Micro stakes tournaments

If your ultimate aim is to play in big money tournaments, then you might as well get used to the format sooner rather than later. A micro stakes tournament will still only cost you a dollar or so to buy in, but there will be hundreds of tables, and an opportunity to play against, and learn from, people of all levels. And even with such a small buy in, you could still take home a three-figure sum with a few wins!


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