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Messer // Live @ Manchester Music Hall // 8.7.19

Article and Photos by: Linda Carlson


Lexington KY – Concerts allow you to see your favorite bands in person, something to be relished and cherished; however, they also offer the opportunity to experience new bands, particularly through opening acts for headliners.  Sometimes, through these shows, a connection is forged with these rising bands.  Case in point is Messer, currently touring with Scott Stapp.  Their performance at Manchester Music Hall was a strong testament to their growing popularity.



The five-man rock band from Dallas, Texas, is making headway in a challenging industry through hard work and aggressive touring.  Although the band’s name stems logically from lead singer Dereak Messer’s name, there is also a symbolic meaning… In German, “messer” means “knife,”  and the band has a cutting edge sound and has been carving a name for itself through their music and their live performances.  Opening for bands like RED and Lacey Sturm in 2018, and participating in the Texas leg of Van’s Warped Tour, the band is gaining momentum and fans with their captivating, high-impact performances.


Check out their three video releases from their self-titled release, Messer, “Make This Life” (link), “Simple Man” (link) and “Save Myself” (link), to get a sense of their cutting edge sound.


Their website lists upcoming tour dates:

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