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Lindsay Foote // Live @ The Lilypad // 12.5.19

Article: Emily Wheeler // Photos: Andrew Kopanski


Cambridge, MA – Boston-native Lindsay Foote has recently returned to her hometown after a ten-year residence  in Toronto, Ontario. During her decade in the north, Foote honed her craft through collaborations, live shows and a multitude of singer-songwriter workshops. Her Canadian chapter also included various artist residencies and multiple north-armerican tours During this time she also released a collection of songs entitled Going Gone, which features Foote’s tender poetry set to folky, fireside-acoustic music.

Working to establish her presence in the thriving Beantown folk scene, Foote organized a night celebrating local singer-songwriters, including Liv Greene and Kaiti Jones. Opening the evening was Liv Greene, whose laser-accurate intonation, witty songwriting and jaw-dropping command of the guitar absolutely floored the enthusiastic audience. Following her set was Kaiti Jones, whose bluesy electric guitar and gritty vocals provided a nice change of pace.

Previously identifying as “indie-folk,” Foote is currently exploring a sound more pop-based: bright and beat-driven with great hooks. This emerging identity is boldly defined in her just-released singles “New York City” and “Ready” which will appear on her EP, Rollercoaster, scheduled for release in early 2020. Foote prefaced that a majority of her set featured songs from the upcoming album.

Foote has a sweet, heartfelt presence on stage. Her grounded voice and honest lyrics can make an audience member feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Joining Foote was Noah Harrington, who accompanied on both electric bass and vocals. Noah’s presence and playing brought depth and range to Foote’s otherwise treble-forward vocals and acoustic guitar. The duo playfully grooved as they harmonized and jammed between verses.

At the end of the night, Foote called up Greene and Jones to join her on the Weepies song “All that I want.” Three entirely unique voices came together to form a beautifully blended trio, whose tight harmonies concluded the evening in the most magical way.

Foote’s album release show is at the end of January at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA where she’ll be showcasing the rest of her new music at this intimate venue.


Andrew Kopanski
Andrew is a Boston based photographer who's interest in photography blends effortlessly with his passion for live music. Whether he's in the pit or in the GA section, Andrew enjoys being up front for live performances.

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