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Westworld: The Story So Far

Article by: Anthony Florez   *with spoilers and some discussion of fan theories   If, for whatever reason, you haven't jumped on the Westworld bandwagon just yet this is the week to do it. After eight episodes the exposition is finally starting to give way to real conflict; it's been a patiently deployed story with

Stranger Things: Review

Article by: Anthony Florez   Minor spoilers involving tone and some general stuff...   I saw an article the other day that referenced Stranger Things, with the question 'Has homage become a genre of its own?' and it made me hesitate. Then I got defensive because, as will soon become apparent, I am madly in

Star Trek Beyond: Film Review

Article by: Anthony Florez   This will be written in two parts, the first half before seeing the film and the second after. I'm hoping that this will allow for some reconciliation between my lowered expectations and severe prejudice towards the movie and the high critical praise that it is receiving among film