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Article by: Brian Toglia   Rated “M” for Mother Fu****!                      or Just another day in hell...   Bloody, visceral, chunky, bombastic, an out-of-control freight train. These are some of the words (and one phrase) that come to mind immediately when I think of the new incarnation of DOOM. Nothing is friendly in the game,


Article by: Brian Toglia Photos courtesy of Remedy Quantum Break was developed by Remedy and Published by Microsoft     No Story Spoilers!   “Shattered Reality” When a game is delayed, you can look at in one of two ways. Either the game is in serious trouble or it just needs a little more time for some extra

ON TV: X-FILES Season 10 Review

Article by: Brian Toglia   I wanted to believe...       Mulder and Scully, while not originally household names due to the X-Files niche following at the start of the show in the early 90's, eventually became TV royalty. I was an early adopter, so to speak. In a time before DVR, it was difficult

Top 5 Games I Played in 2015

Article by: Brian Toglia   Video games! Playing them is my chosen way to spend what little free time I have. I try to play as many games as I can in a given year, but I can't get to them all. Before you start cursing me out for my Top 5