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Album Review: Edge of Paradise – Universe

Article by: Jason Robey   “Fire, my heart’s on fire, running straight into the acid rain” rings in the dramatic and subdued first 20 seconds of Universe, the new album from L.A. hard rock group, Edge of Paradise. As the song suddenly explodes into a wall of razor-sharp guitar riffs, the mood

Album Review: Autumn Walker – Daydreamer

Article by: Jason Robey   The opening chord strumming of “Step Back” is exactly that - a nine-second refresher on the emo-tinted alternative rock that permeated radio from the late 90s to early 2000s, when the members of the Texas rock group Autumn Walker were growing up and shaping their musical futures.

The Aquabats // Live @ The Underground // 9.16.2019

Photos and review by: Jason Robey CHARLOTTE, NC -- Veteran ska band and part-time TV superheroes, The Aquabats, brought their lively “Holy Guacamole” tour to Charlotte on Monday night to a diverse and ecstatic crowd. The band brought out a following of adults who grew up listening to the group during