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Getting to know: HAYLEY REARDON

Article and Photos by: Matt Guevara     Since picking up a guitar at the young age of eleven, folk-pop singer songwriter Hayley Reardon has become somewhat of a local legend in the Massachusetts music scene, and with good reason. Young as she is, her music has a distinct voice to it, and

ALBUM REVIEW: Vampires Everywhere! – Ritual

Article by: Matt Guevara   California based hardcore Band Vampires Everywhere! has released an impressive 3 albums, as well as a side project, The Killing Lights,  since their formation in 2009. And, from punk to post - hardcore to metalcore, and straightforward hard rock, the band has basically covered all the

Album Review: Lespecial – Omnisquid

Article by: Matt Guevara   Since their founding in 2005, Boston natives Lespecial have been creating the signature blend of funk, hip hop, rock, and electronic sounds that has earned them a well deserved place in the music scene. Their unique sound commands the attention of all those within earshot, and

Album Review: Hands Like Houses – Dissonants

Article by: Matt Guevara Photo: Secret Service PR        Two years after the release of their last EP, Reimagine, aussie post-hardcore band Hands Like Houses is preparing for the release of their third full-length album, Dissonants. Since the band’s formation back in 2008, Hands Like Houses has made a big impact

Hey Marseilles // Live @ Iron Horse // 2.6.16

Article By: Matt Guevara   Northampton, MA - Indie rock band Hey Marseilles recently released their newest self-titled album at the beginning of the month. The band is now touring nationwide, and with them for the ride is indie-pop trio hailing from Minnesota - Bad Bad Hats. Bad Bad Hats is a 3

Chris Bathgate // Live @ Iron Horse // 2.3.16

Article and Photos by: Matt Guevara   Iron Horse Music Hall, the roots of the Iron Horse Entertainment Group, while based in small town Massachusetts, hosts an impressive array of multi-national artists. One such artist is indie-folk singer Chris Bathgate, who after some time is releasing his newest EP - Old Factory.

Ryal – RYAL EP – Album Review

Article by: Matt Guevara Photos by: Rachel Brennecke   Since her former band, Strip Darling, went on hiatus, vocalist Jacque Ryal has reinvented herself and is now gearing up to release her self titled RYAL - EP. Her new disco-pop album is fueled by self-discovery and focuses on finding your own rhythm. She