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SLEIGH BELLS // Live @ The Mohawk // 2.3.18

Article and Photos by: Melanie Allen   Austin, TX—A large marquee outside of the Mohawk read “SOLD OUT” and a line of Sleigh Bells and Sunflower Bean fans wrapped around the venue and down the block, eagerly waiting to enter. Sleigh Bells are known for their upbeat, loud, flashy shows—perfect for a

Wavves // Live @ The Mohawk // 5.28.17

[su_carousel source="media: 14022,14024,14021,14023,14025,14028,14027,14026,14029" limit="25" link="image" target="blank" width="1000" height="240" items="4" title="no" mousewheel="no"]Then Add Carousel to other images here[/su_carousel] Article and Photos by: Melanie Allen   Austin, TX— Fans lined up for Wavves outside the Mohawk, regardless of the predicted thunderstorms ahead. Patrons filed into the venue to claim their most ideal spots for watching

Austra // Live @ The Mohawk // 2.4.17

Article and Photos by: Melanie Allen   Austin’s new festival Sound On Sound hosted a live show this past weekend, at which the headliner was electronic group Austra. To start off the night was Austin’s very own “future wave” group Night Drive. Their dreamy, 80s-esque, synth-pop tracks captivated the audience, much of who

The Dean Ween Group // Live @ Emo’s // 2.3.17

Article and Photos by: Melanie Allen   One half of Ween has taken his personal project on a short and sweet tour, and The Dean Ween Group hit Austin on Friday, February 3rd. The night’s opening act, Amandla, is the project of Ween’s original drummer, Claude Coleman Jr. The five-member group plays groovy

Review: The Dead Ween Group – The Deaner Album

Article by: Melanie Allen   Mickey Melchiondo of the famous '90s-'00s duo Ween released The Deaner Album late last year, which serves as a sufficient Ween fix for any fan who's missed the pair’s music since their La Cucaracha album was released in 2007. The Dean Ween Group esteems many genres, as does

Local Natives // Live @ Emo’s // 12.15.16

Article by: Sydney Rush Photos by: Melanie Allen   Los Angeles band Local Natives graced the Emo’s stage for the 101x Indie Work Force Xmas which was a sold out show and with good reason. The band played both weekends of ACL this year but never came through Austin during their tour outside