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The Devil Makes Three // Live @ Marathon Music Works // 2.2.18

Article and Photos: Nick Durcholz   Nashville, TN -- A forlorn and funky psalm diffused like roadhouse incense into the cutting crisp air of the Music City on Friday night, perfectly embodying - while also displacing - the fiscally fetid, moronically merciless shadow our country has fallen under. Heavy indeed, much like the

Flobots // Live @ Hi-Fi / Indianapolis, IN / 1.13.18

Article and Photos by: Nick Durcholz   Indianapolis, IN -- Winter Storm Hunter’s frigid phalanges were loosened on the Circle City this weekend as Tropidelic and Flobots turned the Hi-Fi into an aural furnace. Tropidelic started off strong searing through the snow and ice with skaggae tunes and warp-speed rhymes. Not sure if

Hatebreed // Live @ Diamond Pub Concert Hall // 12.1.17

Photos & Article by Nick Durcholz   Louisville, KY -- Hotter then chestnuts roasting on an open fire, redder than Rudolph’s nose, heavier than the big man’s bag and louder than a choir of (Lucifer’s) angels. This was the night of December first in Louisville at Diamond Pub Concert Hall. Three other bands including