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Best Online Poker Games

What are the best online poker games for beginners? I love the idea of playing poker, but I wouldn’t know where to start. If that sounds like a familiar sentiment, you are not alone. The drama of a thousand Hollywood movie scenes and the big money at stake in the

Coolest Egypt themed Slots!

The mysticism of Ancient Egypt has long held sway over gamblers and the theme’s popularity shows no sign of abating. From the smallest casino to one of the big players like Paddy Power, you’ll find games that are based on Ancient Egypt. While it’s hard to make a definitive list of

Top 7 Games We Want to See on Nintendo Switch

Article by: Nick Todd   With the announcement of DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch, the realm of what’s possible on Nintendo’s new portable console seems to have taken on a new life. Below are the top 7 games we want to see on Nintendo’s new portable.   Diablo III The online

How To: Not Die in Space (Top 5 Space Simulations That Might Teach You a Thing or Two)

How To: Not Die in Space - Top 5 Space Simulations That Might Teach You a Thing or Two Article by Frank Memmesheimer   Space is hard. On September 01, 2016, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket suffered “a breach in the cryogenic helium system” during its pre-launch static fire test. The catastrophic anomaly resulted