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Film Review: Wonder Woman 1984

Article by: Anthony Florez   I got through about 1500 words politely explaining why I felt that Wonder Woman 1984 is flawed and unworthy of its predecessor before I realized that it's just not a very good movie and there's no need to wear kid gloves. It's just bad in the same

Movie Review: The Call of the Wild (2020)

Article by: Alice-Ginevra Micheli   The Call of the Wild is the most recent iteration of Buck’s story, a pampered pooch who gets sold as a sled dog and ends up having to survive many perils along the way, including the wilds of the Yukon. Based on the pre-eminent Jack London novel

Movie Review: 1917

Long Run-On Sentence by: Anthony Florez   Writing about the film 1917 and it's single-take Oscar-bait amazingness is like writing about a rollercoaster ride in the sense that it's something that should be experienced rather than described, and my personal take on this film is -- be prepared -- going to feel like

THE IRISHMAN is a culmination of Scorsese’s career: Review

Article by: Josh Bradley Now in its sixth decade, Martin Scorsese’s unparalleled career as a director spans 25 narrative features and 16 feature documentaries. Of those 41 movies, at most six could be classified as “crime dramas”, and yet for better or for worse, many people with only a passing knowledge

Movie Review: Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Article By: Alice-Ginevra Micheli   The final entry in the Skywalker Saga. The anticipation was palpable. This was the one that would bring this monumental space opera story to its end. Stakes were high, excitement was felt and expectations were set. Did it live up to all this and more? Our answer?

Movie Review: Joker

Article by: J.C. De Leon   Perhaps the most important character in the Batman universe, besides The Caped Crusader himself, is undoubtedly The Joker. It seemed obvious that in this day and age of origin stories, and comic book movies in general, that we’d eventually see where The Clown Prince of Crime

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit [Fantastic Fest 2019]

Article by: JC De Leon   [su_youtube url="" width="500" height="500"][su_youtube url="" width="500" height="500"]Mia screwed this one up[/su_youtube][/su_youtube] Are there any subjects that can completely be off-limits? Is anything so taboo that the mere thought of humor around it lends itself to be open to some of the harshest levels of criticism? This is

The Disappearing Line Between Movies and TV

Article by: Josh Bradley In May, HBO’s five-part miniseries Chernobyl premiered to rave reviews, inspired some of the dumbest Instagrams you will ever see, and for a moment became the highest-rated TV show on IMDb, topping juggernauts like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Wire (it has since fallen to #4,