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Game of Thrones, Episode 5: The Door

Article by: Anthony Florez   Spoilers ahead! Spoilers ahead! Spoilers ahead!     The Door is, in my opinion, the first great episode of season six. With the Kingsmoot hastily completed the Ironborn's role in the greater game is finally established. Jon and Sansa are setting out to liberate the north, without the aid of

ON TV: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Review

Article by: Josh Bradley   The season one finale for the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aired just under a month ago, and yet I haven’t been able to get the first season out of my head. Despite very positive critical reviews (and a complete shock Golden Globe win for the lead and co-showrunner,

Game of Thrones, Episode 4: Book of the Stranger

Article and Photos by: Anthony Florez   Spoilers ahead. Spoilers ahead. Spoilers ahead.     Me last week: "Daenerys, stop taking shit from people." And my reaction at the end of Sunday's episode. It was nice to see her backing up all that trash talk with some real action, I was worried she would be all bluster

Game of Thrones: Season Six Recap

Article by: Anthony Florez   Spoilers ahead.   Oh, Game of Thrones. You hurt so good. Three episodes into the sixth season and almost entirely off the reservation at this point, with the George R.R. Martin novels no longer usable as source material -- how are we doing? I'd say fair-to-good. While the first two episodes

Netflix: Daredevil Season Two Review

Article by: Anthony Florez   I had a difficult time believing that the second season of Marvel's Daredevil could outdo the first, which was mature and complex as well as intelligent and incredibly grounded for what it was. It never felt like a comic book adaptation and not simply because of its literal