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Jared & The Mill // Live @ The MilkBoy // 6.21.17

Jared and the Mill performing at MilkBoy in Philadelphia, Pa on 06.21.17

Article and Photos by: Bob Linneman   Philadelphia, PA -- I love it when your day totally changes in an instant; this is exactly what happened to me last Thursday.  At 3pm I get a text from a publicist, “Am I still in Philadelphia, and can I to shoot a band tonight?” 

Sigur Ros // Live @ The Palace // 6.13.17

Article and Photos by: Michael W. Bright   Louisville, KY- Ethereal is probably overused as a description for a sound or music or a band. Yet here is a band whose picture will, as they say, be in the dictionary if you lookup the word. Experimental, art rock, ambient music, minimalist, are all appropriate