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Album Throwback: Minus the Bear’s OMNI

Article by: Annie Pierce Featured Image Cred: Wikipedia. No changes made to the image Creative Commons   We can't talk about the 2000s indie scene without talking about Seattle based indie rock band Minus the Bear. While the band's debut album Highly Refined Pirates pretty much flew under the radar, their next two

Song Review: In Earnest – “Come Upstairs”

Article by: Sam Fallone   UK-based indie band In Earnest is set to release their second single "Come Upstairs" this Friday, July 3. "Come Upstairs" is a very emotional song about mental health and dealing with depression. The instrumentals throughout the song are beautiful and go perfectly with Thomas's soothing voice. "Come Upstairs"

Album Review: Yuki – Be Free

Article by: Charles Yamabe   Chicago, IL -- It's not often I get sent an album that I immediately fall in love with, let alone a freshman album by an artist that, for all intents and purposes, is relatively unknown. The album Be Free by nineteen-year-old New Zealand native Yuki is

Album Review: The New Regime – Heart Mind Body & Soul

Article by: Jason Robey   The latest album from the one-man-band known as The New Regime is a wild journey through a myriad of musical styles and moods, with layers and textures that take multiple listenings to pick out. Multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin is solely responsible for the writing and performance on Heart

Album Review: Matt Mann & the Shine Runners – Anytime but Now

Article by: Bylle Breaux     Matt Mann and the Shine Runners are releasing a new album next month and it’s their finest yet.  Lead singer/songwriter, Mann, moved from Los Angeles to Nashville just over two years ago and it’s proving to be the right choice.  His budding friendship with new lead guitarist,

Album Review: Edge of Paradise – Universe

Article by: Jason Robey   “Fire, my heart’s on fire, running straight into the acid rain” rings in the dramatic and subdued first 20 seconds of Universe, the new album from L.A. hard rock group, Edge of Paradise. As the song suddenly explodes into a wall of razor-sharp guitar riffs, the mood

Album Review: Autumn Walker – Daydreamer

Article by: Jason Robey   The opening chord strumming of “Step Back” is exactly that - a nine-second refresher on the emo-tinted alternative rock that permeated radio from the late 90s to early 2000s, when the members of the Texas rock group Autumn Walker were growing up and shaping their musical futures.

Album Review: American Griots by Louis York

Article by: Charles Yamabe Photos by: Jeremy Ryan   Chicago, IL -- American Griots, the new album by Louis York, comes out today. I had a chance to review the album and speak with the band earlier in the week and had some great takeaways. This is the band's first full length album and

Album Review: Bison Machine – Seas Of Titan

Article by: E. Jourdain, Jr.   Detroit rockers Bison Machine are set to release their full-length album "Seas Of Titan" via Small Stone Records on September 27th, 2019. Bison Machine labels themselves “Heavy Rock, Stoner, Blues Rock, 70's” and I would agree completely with that description. My first impression of the album was

Album Review: TIM by Avicii

Article by: Charles Yamabe // Featured Image: Eriksson   Released over a month ago, the album TIM by Swedish producer Avicii isn’t exactly new. However, I wanted to give it a real chance to play in real-life situations before I gave it a fair review. After listening to the album around,