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Album Review – Ocean Park Standoff

Article by: Huimin Li   “Give it all or give me up I won't settle for enough It's the highs and it's the lows we remember, remember…”   These lyrics would keep popping out in your head if you listen to “Good News” several times, a new single produced by LA-based band, Ocean Park

Music Video Premiere – Findlay’s “Waste My Time”   A cat scratching in her throat, full of banter and insolent, tearing cracks through nature, Natalie Findlay has arrived with her debut album Forgotten Pleasures, out March 3 via The End Records/BMG. Findlay is joined by producer Jules Apollinaire on Guitar/keys, Ben Simon on guitar, and Christina Lamas on drums. The album also sees

Album Review: Pacific Radio – Kitchen Table EP

Article by: Sophia Zucker   Indie Rock band Pacific Radio recently released their new EP entitled Kitchen Table right as 2016 came to a close, and put up a music video to the title track to kick off the new year. This is the band’s first ever release and just by listening

Review: Alistair Forsyth – Stan Vargen

Article by: Sydney Rush   Scotland native turned Austin transplant Alistair Forsyth released his first EP, Stan Vargen, just shy of the New Year on December 29th, 2016. While it’s a short list of songs, the EP packs a punch. Alistair recorded each part of each song entirely on his own from the

Album Review: Austin Hanks – Alabastard

Article by: Bylle Breaux   In the heart of Hollywood, hidden on a side street just below the boulevard, The Piano Bar has been a long time primary for exceptional live music. Legendary artists like Billy Gibbons, Chuck E. Weiss, and Harry Connick, Jr. drop in unannounced to jam with local musicians

Review – The Griswolds “High Times for Low Lives”

Article by: Kristina Dawn   Australian quartet The Griswolds have dropped a new full length album…. And it’s good. REALLY good. Debuting at a top 10 spot on the iTunes chart, and quickly ascending the Alt. 18 chart, ‘High Times for Low Lives’ is blowing musical minds around the world. Granted I am

Album Review: Avenged Sevenfold “The Stage”

Article written by: Ian Urquhart   Adaptation; a band’s creative effort to remain relevant in the music industry. Dish out a few teaser trailers? Overused. Maybe leak a new song to stir the rumor pot? Exhausted. How about performing live, rooftop of Capital Record’s Headquarters, while a virtual reality concert steams live