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Article by: Brian Toglia   Once more unto the breach... Story, Campaign design, Multiplayer, and even the series' first T (Teen) rating came into question in this new addition to the Halo series - Halo 5: Guardians. I avoided all Spoilers (which I also leave out of this review) and came into the

ON TV: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Article by: Brian Toglia   Good. Bad. He’s the guy with the gun. The crisp air of morning. The beautiful fiery backdrop of changing leaves. The scent of burnt wood. The sight of daylight dying earlier with each passing day. All things that remind me that my favorite season of the year is

INTERVIEW with Horror Actress/Glitter Goth-Rocker, LEZLIE DEANE

Article and Interview by: Brian Toglia and Sarah Todd Photos from Lezlie Deane's Fan Page w/ permission   We recently had the opportunity to interview the awesome Lezlie Deane, known best for her roles in cult horror movies 976-Evil and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (the 6th installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street

ON TV: Gotham S2 Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Article by: Brian Toglia Note: This week marks the first of my double episode reviews. I will try to keep them separate but I reserve the right to do some crossover commenting!   S2 E3 The Last Laugh Kill 'em with a smile!   Ep. 3 starts out with a bang, or should I say a crash?

Brian Wilson // PNC Bank Arts Center // 7.1.15

Article by: Brian Toglia Featured Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images   As the sun began to set in Holmdel, NJ on this breezy but humid Wednesday evening, a living legend took the stage with an accompaniment of talented artists at his back. Strolling slowly (he’s 73, this is forgiven) to his piano center stage, Brian