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Game Review: Control

Article by: Anthony Florez   Nothing is more frustrating than starting a review or an impression of a thing with, 'this is difficult to describe,' because that's what I've volunteered to do... it's why you're wasting your precious time reading, it's the whole reason we're here. But I feel far, far, less guilty

DESTINY 2 Review: Part 1

Article by: Brian Toglia   I put a decent amount of time into the original Destiny, somewhere around 120 hrs. While this seems like a lot of time to a casual player, it pales in comparison to most of the hardcore Destiny players (many players racking up time played in the 1000’s


    [su_youtube url="" width="500" height="500"] Article by: Robert Sommerfield   The year was 1989 and horror movie fans were in video game heaven when they could finally play a game based on some of their favorite horror movies, including Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Released on the original N.E.S. system,

Gems of Gaming: STRANDED DEEP

Article by: Frank Memmesheimer   Gems of Gaming: STRANDED DEEP This series explores video games that stand out from the masses, yet did not receive the attention they deserve. Be it their unique or timeless gameplay, their love for detailed graphics, or an inventive approach to storytelling – whatever sets these games apart

Inside (Xbox One) – Review

Article by: Brian Toglia   “OH MAN! What did I just play?" That was my reaction after completing this gorgeous, thrilling, mysterious, horrific, perfectly paced, smart as hell game. Inside, developer Play Dead’s follow up to their 2011 breakout hit Limbo, left me puzzled and wanting more, but in the best possible