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Movie Review: Dark Phoenix

Article by: Anthony Florez   The X-Men's Greatest Threat...Will Come From WITHIN. Holy hell, is that the ever-loving truth when it comes to Dark Phoenix, what will surely be the last Fox produced film featuring the gang that started it all, who helped usher in the era of the superhero tentpole franchise. The enemy

Movie Review: SPECTRE

Article by: Robert Sommerfield   You know his name. You know his number. After a three year hiatus, James Bond is back with a vengeance... but can it live up to the smashing success of 2012’s Skyfall? Sitting down in the packed theater with my gin martini in hand, my excitement for the

BACK TO THE FUTURE: A 30-year Retrospective

  Article by: Robert Moore   10/21/15   “Great Scott, has it been that long?” To quote one Dr. Emmett Brown is the perfect way to remind us all that it has in fact been thirty years since the first chapter in the much-revered time travel trilogy was first released to the world. In retrospect,