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Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit [Fantastic Fest 2019]

Article by: JC De Leon   [su_youtube url="" width="500" height="500"][su_youtube url="" width="500" height="500"]Mia screwed this one up[/su_youtube][/su_youtube] Are there any subjects that can completely be off-limits? Is anything so taboo that the mere thought of humor around it lends itself to be open to some of the harshest levels of criticism? This is


  Bloody Death Skull delights in the absurd. Conceptualized by writer Daiana Feuer around her electric ukulele, BDS incorporates whatever toys and instruments available to spawn a surreal symphony with an irreverent spirit rooted in early pop, soul, and punk, but not bound by any genre. It's no surprise to find

Album Review: The Feelies – In Between

Article By: Matt Guevara   Much to the surprise of fans, mellow Jersey indie rock band, The Feelies, are back after a 17 year hiatus. And, although they have been mostly inactive since their famous performance opening for Sonic Youth at Battery Park back in 2008, they recently announced the release of

Review – The Griswolds “High Times for Low Lives”

Article by: Kristina Dawn   Australian quartet The Griswolds have dropped a new full length album…. And it’s good. REALLY good. Debuting at a top 10 spot on the iTunes chart, and quickly ascending the Alt. 18 chart, ‘High Times for Low Lives’ is blowing musical minds around the world. Granted I am

Inside (Xbox One) – Review

Article by: Brian Toglia   “OH MAN! What did I just play?" That was my reaction after completing this gorgeous, thrilling, mysterious, horrific, perfectly paced, smart as hell game. Inside, developer Play Dead’s follow up to their 2011 breakout hit Limbo, left me puzzled and wanting more, but in the best possible

Album Review: The Loom // Here in the Deadlights

Article by: Jopey Maid   Brooklyn based indie band The Loom will be releasing their 3rd album Here in the Deadlights later this month. It is the kind of album that leaves a haunting enchantment on your musical consciousness and rewards you for not skipping songs. It is understandable why The New