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Album Review: Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

Article by: Steven Principato   Progressive rock never really died, it simply got meaner with the times. Occasionally, it even dresses up like a metal band. In presumption of some higher obligation to continue their 17 year reign as one of humanity’s last bastions in popular progressive rock, Mastodon bestows upon us

Mutoid Man // Live @ Saint Vitus // 11.26.16

Article and Photos by: Steven Principato   Brooklyn NY- Once again returning to perhaps last known bastion of real rock and roll in NYC, the unmarked and dimly lit Saint Vitus,  familiarly adorned with a plethora of tongue and cheek satanic iconography once again prepared for a typical Saturday night. Opening the show was Summoner.

Fates Warning, Next to None // Live @ St. Vitus // 10.13.15

Article and Photos by: Steven Principato   NYC - Living in the distant wake of the musically lethargic and guitar solo absent 1990’s,one might wonder if mankind could ever re-discover his long forsaken musical renaissancethey referred to as “Progressive” music. Was this esoteric magic extinct from the theoretically de-evolved modern day musician?