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Celebrating 30 Years of The Simpsons

Article and Artwork by: Drew Burstein   It seems like The Simpsons have been around forever and for people of a certain age group that is actually true! This infographic from Frame Your TV gives you some insight into the show and presents some interesting facts to which you may not have

ON TV: Master Of None – Review

Article by: James Kidd   Immediately after watching both the trailer and premiere episode of “Master of None,” the latest original series to come from Netflix, my reaction to it was much like any other critic: “Oh, so this is just Aziz Ansari’s version of “Louie.” -- not such a terrible comparison, but I

ON TV: “Top of the Lake” Netflix Review

Article by: Anthony Florez   Spoiler free...   A very good detective story benefits from subtle exposition, from the slow reveal of character depth, and a constant sense of uncertainty about the narrative as it unfolds. It metes out just enough detail to keep the listener feeling intrigued, even second guessing the storyteller as