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DEADPOOL – Trailer Review

Article by: Jordan Mejia-Prieto



“Oh motherfucker you are hard to look at…”
“Like a testicle with teeth.”

The Merc with a Mouth has risen, and excuse my language, he is coming to fuck shit up.

Deadpool has been in the making for several years now, ever since the botching of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where the masked mercenary was poorly and  inaccurately depicted. However, thanks to actor Ryan Reynolds and producer Lauren Shuler Donner’s persistence, they got to make the film comic book fans have always wanted: a foul-mouthed, bloody, violent, third-wall breaking rated R film that perfectly embodies the unique fan-favorite mutant.

The trailer opens with Wade Wilson/Deadpool finding out that his cancer has pretty much spread throughout his entire body, and he has minimal chance of survival. However, thanks to an off-the-books experiment, his life is changed forever. He goes from being a former Special Forces operative, to the sword wielding, gun-toting, dark-humored mercenary Deadpool, who is hunting down the people who made him. Equipped with his weapons and healing abilities, Deadpool is a man on a mission who will do anything and kill anyone who stands between him and his goal.

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From the scenes shown in the trailer, Deadpool won’t hold back; it stays true to the comic book version of the character that frequently swears, has a twisted sense of humor, and talks directly to the audience. This “superhero” movie is rare gem in the other slate of Marvel, DC, X-Men, and FF films that have flooded theaters. It stands uniquely on its own in every single aspect, has no-holds-barred action, violence, gore and is the MOST adult superhero seen-to-date. Despite its R-rating, this film will be seen simply because of how different it is from the rest, and the hype surrounding it due to the amount of time it took to get made. It doesn’t take the typical Hollywood mindset of “money first, quality second.” The film is staying true to its origin, and everything looks well thought out. Deadpool is gearing up to give audiences what they’re looking for in modern movies: a great story and one hell of a ride.

“Please don’t make the suit green…or animated!”

Release Date: February 2016

Excitement: 10/10

Jordan Mejia-Prieto
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