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Black Mass – Trailer Review

Article by: Jordan Mejia-Prieto



Johnny Depp has played everyone from a gentle creation of a man with scissorhands to a barber hell-bent on revenge. Some of these characters have been rather memorable, while others in more recent years have fallen flat. In his newest role, Johnny Depp brings all he has to the table in hopes of not only doing justice to the infamous crime-lord Whitey Bulger, but to also win back his title of “box office king” (a title he has recently lost with flops like The Lone Ranger, Mortdecai, and Transcendence).

Set to release this month, Black Mass follows the career of the Irish-American mobster, Whitey Bulger, as he and his gang take over South Boston through violence, intimidation, and a little help from the FBI. After getting caught up in illegal actions and crimes, Whitey becomes an informant for the FBI in order to take down a local Mafia family who has been creeping in on his turf.

While the cast of Black Mass is rounded out with an impressive list of actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Dakota Johnson, Kevin Bacon), what this film will really come down to is Depp’s performance and whether or not he can do justice to Boston most notorious gangster, and really – if Depp himself still has it. If Depp can pull off a genuine performance in a role quite unlike any of  his previous films, there may still be hope left in his bag of tricks. We’re looking forward to finding out.
Release Date: September 18, 2015

Excitement: 8/10

Jordan Mejia-Prieto
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