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ALBUM REVIEW: Pleasure Addiction – Extra Balls

Article by: Jessica Gorrell

imagesThere seems to be a new trend of music that focuses around the revival of older musical styles. Recently, there’s been a new wave of psychedelic rock flowing out of the studios and onto every streaming platform. The next wave, a revival of 80s glam rock, is being lead by the French group Pleasure Addiction. Their newest album, Extra Balls, is heavy laden with screeching guitars, thumping drums, and wailing choruses, practically embodying everything we loved about the glittering decade itself.

With the very first track, “Don’t Let Me Down,” Pleasure Addiction shows the attitude and flare they possess and bring forth into their version of glam rock. That hard and heavy sound we’ve heard so much of from bands like Poison, Guns N’ Roses, and even Bon Jovi, is brought back again as the album progresses further into tracks such as “Can’t Stand The Heartache,” “I Love L.A,” and “Hey Boy.” Tracks like “Lights & Wonders,” and “Starlight Queen” produce the more magical and extraordinary feelings of, not necessarily adventure, but of a hopefulness per say.

Extra Balls is heavy, nostalgic, and a whole lot of fun, taking glam rock to new heights with it’s wild and modern twist of the classic style.

Track Listing:
1. Don’t Let Me Down                        7. Heaven & Hell
2. Can’t Stand The Heartache          8. Lights & Wonders
3. I Love L.A                                        9. Starlight Queen
4. Love Refugee                                  10. Dr Addict
5. Count 1.2.3                                      11. Fuel For Soul
6. Hey Boy

Jessica Gorrell
An obsession with all things related to music lead Jessica to study professional writing at the University of Massachusetts in Boston in order to pursue her dream of becoming a leading journalist on the music scene. When she's not busy writing prose or scouring the city for new acts, she likes to relax and play her guitar or shamelessly binge watch a TV show she's discovered.