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Album Review: Eric Krasno “Blood From a Stone”

Article by: Wendy Podmenik Darugar

Photo: Eric Krasno by Jay Sansone/ Calabro Media

Distance makes the heart grow fond….you must love me ’cause you’re always gone”.

Soul and funk, confidently delivered and matter-of-fact, Grammy award winning artist Eric Krasno released his second solo album this July with songs featuring lyrics that delve into personal topics such as unrequited and unconditional love. A founding member of Soullive and Lettuce, Krasno makes the jump into lead vocals for this project, “Blood from a Stone”. Drawing upon a rich 20 year history of experience working with artists such as Matisyahu, Tedeshi Trucks, and 50 Cent, among many others, Brooklynite Krasno traveled to Maine and worked with Rustic Overtones’ Dave Gutter in a relaxed studio environment to create a strong 10 track collection of thoughtful funk and R&B with influences of Jimi Hendrix and occasional psychedelic jam. “Waiting on your Love” and “On the Rise” have been released as singles, and another favorite is “Torture”. Instrumental “Curse Lifter” features the work of guest guitarist Derek Trucks, a longtime friend of Krasno. An east coast tour is planned from August 6th through Oct 12th.

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Wendy Podmenik Woodell
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