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Album Review: The Nearly Deads – Revenge of The Nearly Deads

Article by: Brian Toglia


It can be a tricky thing reviewing an album from a band you are not familiar with. With familiarity of a band comes clarity in regards to their personal sound and the ability to pick up on the nuances that might otherwise be missed. On the other hand, it affords you the opportunity to listen to a new sound that can be exhilarating, in a sense, renewing a child-like excitement in you. It brings a feeling of discovery, of finding a “new” band that you just might end up obsessing about.

I hadn’t heard of The Nearly Deads before, but judging by the video for their song “Never Look Back,” which has over 7 million views on YouTube, it seems I’m a bit behind the curve. Looks like it’s time to play catch up! So, having listened, now, to the old hat and the new hotness, I have come to one conclusion: The Nearly Deads are a band I SHOULD have been listening to for the last 6+ years.

Speaking of the new hotness, the 2017 EP from The Nearly Deads, aptly named Revenge of the Nearly Deads, may be short in length, but it is big on sound. Six very polished tracks await the fans (and hopefully new listeners) of the Nashville, Tennessee based band. Each song has a vibe and pace that is wholly its own, especially “As Good As It Gets,” which could easily be on a pop hits spotify playlist.

Since this is an EP, I’ll focus on just one of the songs in the spirit of preserving that sense of discovery I talked about. The single from Revenge of the Nearly Deads, “My Evil Ways”, is 3m 17s of “polished grit” that this band has built a following around. The vocals of the talented TJ Jeane really drive this modern outcast anthem that, lyrically, would feel right at home in a song written in the angsty, grunge filled 90’s era. Musically, “My Evil Ways” is part Metal and part Pop which, in my opinion, equals a new branch of contemporary Rock. The combination of the two era’s produce a catchy tune with real substance. It’s a hard balance to strike, but “My Evil Ways” is somehow clean and grungy all at once. This is an accomplishment, and The Nearly Deads should be commended. I think they have another hit on their hands.

To me, music is nearly impossible to score on a numbered system so I won’t even try. Revenge of The Nearly Deads is a high quality effort and deserves to be listened to by fans and newcomers alike. The new album drops on May 26th, 2017.

Side note: These guys seem to be hellbent on touring at all times, so check out their website and try to make it to a  show near you.


The Nearly Deads are:

“TJ” Theresa Jeane – vocals, keyboards
Steven Tobi – lead guitar
Kevin Koelsch – bass
Javier Garza Jr – rhythm guitar
Josh Perrone – drums


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