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Morgxn // Live @ Lincoln Hall // 11.6.17

Article and Photos by: Charles Yamabe


Chicago, IL — With over four million views on YouTube and a collaboration with DJ Tiesto, Morgxn is much more humble than one would expect. Coming to the stage he thanked the crowd for being there and asked them if they were ready to dance! His tone was relaxed and endearing as if speaking to an old friend. What Morgxn brings to the stage is nothing less than amazing. He brings an exemplary positive message of self-love and appreciation which is not only rare but much needed in today’s society.

The most impressive part about Morgxn, however, is his androgynous voice… Well, that and every show comes with an element of eloquent drama. In a previous life, he was an actor and that showmanship is clear in his performances. His music is a mix of indie pop infused with progressive electronica which is then sung and sampled live on the spot. Numerous times throughout the show he would sing a hook, sample it, and incorporate it back into his music.

Crowd interaction is always an integral part of any show and this is not lost on Morgxn. Throughout the night he would reach out and touch the crowd while speaking directly to them. Combine this affinity for the audience with the theatrics and live mixing and you have one heck of a show.

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