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The Front Bottoms // LIVE @ Starland Ballroom // 10.21.17

Article and Photos by: Sam Tucker


Sayreville, NJ – The Front Bottoms packed the room from the back to the very front of Starland Ballroom. The band played the crowd classics such as “Twin Size Mattress” and some off their most recent album, Going Grey (2017). They filled the stage with their unique instruments including a trumpet, tambourine, and of course their classic acoustic guitar.

The opening bands Basement and Bad Bad Hats got the crowd hyped up with some of their hits in the same pop punk genre. Each drew a very large crowd and was supported by fans shouting for them louder than the classic Starland IHop sign. Bad Bad Hats had a more laid back music style while Basement demanded more hype from the crowd.

Starland Ballroom was filled with a family-like vibe as the crowd supported each band in an incredible measure. The crowd sang along to all the loved songs as the light-hearted music kept everyone in a delightful mood. The Front Bottoms just started touring, so there’s many more dates to catch them live for a guaranteed good night.